Breakaway and Self Defence Course


Anyone who may be at risk of physical assault sadly in today’s world that means everyone!

The Main Aims of the Course

The aim of this course is to instruct people in simple yet effective breakaway (disengagement) and self-defence skills to enable them to protect themselves when faced with the risk of physical violence in a situation of serious and imminent threat to their personal safety.

Course Duration

  • 1 Day

Course Objectives

  • Understand the Law in relation to the use of physical force for personal defence of self and others;
  • Ability to use appropriate and effective physical skills for the purpose of breaking away and defending against a violent assault.

What’s Covered on the Course?

The Law in Relation to Self Defence and Personal Protection

Understanding the law in relation to self-defence is a possibly the most important factor and we will provide you with information to help you learn exactly what the law says we can and cannot do in defending ourselves, others and in protecting our property .

The Workings of the Primitive Stress Response

Understanding how we react when faced with a dangerous and possibly violent situation is a fundamentally important if we are to learn skills and techniques that actually work when required to do so. To do this we need to understand how our primitive fight and flight system operates and what happens to our bodies when presented with a threat. In this section you will learn about the effect of the primitive fight and flight response and our associated fear response mechanisms on our physical, emotional and behavioural state, including what is meant by ‘hyper-vigilance’.

The Science and Psychology of Combat

Once we understand what happens to our psychology and our physical state when faced with a dangerous and potentially violent situation we then need to then start bringing this all together in learning skills and techniques that will actually work in these situations. In this module you will learn about the relationship between arousal and performance and how an increased heart rate affects that ability. The background research covered in this module is empirical and very important. Understanding these factors is the difference between becoming a survivor or a victim and our ability to make critical decisions when in a state or high emotional arousal or anxiety and how this effects our reaction time.

Self-Defence / Unarmed Defensive Tactics

Once we have covered the above foundation topics we will then help you put all of this together to enable you to leave the course with the ability to perform effective and well tried efficient self-defence techniques that are consistent with the law