Lone Worker Personal Safety


Your staff will meet these Learning Outcomes:

The context of Lone Worker Personal Safety in your work environment.

Health and Safety Implications of Lone Working Personal Safety – Safe Systems Of Work

How to minimise the likelihood of an incident occurring in the community by detecting ‘Pre- Incident Indicators’

How to recognise the cues prior to a person becoming very aggressive or violent

Appropriate ways of using body language and subtle barrier signals to improve safety

Verbal Defuse Strategies which de-escalate and reduce risk of violence.

Time, Distance and Opportunity in relation to Exit/Escape route Proximity

The rights, responsibilities and implications of using force to disengage or defend oneself.

Decision-making under pressure and Fear Management techniques

Understanding how to use Lone Worker Personal Safety Alert Devices most effectively.

When: Over 1 Day on a date scheduled for your convenience

Who:  up to 15 Lone Worker Personal Safety attendees are led by one trainer

Where:  at your venue

How:  Our trainers deliver this course using a mix of lecture/presentation, Q&A, physical practice and scenario rehearsal.

Why:   ✓ Matched to your needs     ✓ Led by Professional Trainers     ✓ Legally Audited     ✓ Fully Risk-Assessed     ✓ Values Dignity and Respect     ✓ Safeguards Client rights     ✓ Offers Staff Practical Options     ✓ Compliant with Government Regulations     ✓ Value for Your Investment